Art Storage

State of the art facility

Armstrong Fine Art Services recognizes the need to have a facility that can offer both secure, temperature controlled storage and, if need be, display items for the purposes of inspection, restoration, photography shoots, PR events and even auctions.

We offer private vaults and a dedicated viewing room to accommodate the very specific and discerning needs of our clientele in the arts community.

  • Shared or dedicated art storage space
  • Climate or non-climate storage
  • Fitted with Bio-metric fingerprint scanners
  • 24 hour monitored security offsite, site permanently alarmed
  • 20 Cameras monitored internally & ability for external monitoring
  • Secure Short Term or Long Term Storage in our Modern Facility
  • Smart climatic control system ensuring temperature stability year round
  • Vertical racking or sole storage vaults are available
  • Private viewing room kitted with museum grade lighting
  • Learn more about our facility
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Armstrong Fine Art Services is the first and only company in Canada with AXA Artprotect™ certification!

AXA is the world’s only globally operating fine art insurance provider. This certification means Armstrong is dedicated to preserving the beauty, integrity and sentimental significance of all your treasured pieces.

Artprotect™ Approved Facility