How To Properly Care For Your Art Prints While Moving

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Art prints are among some of your most precious (and expensive) possessions. Transporting them can be potentially damaging – but there are ways to minimize the risk, allowing you to keep each piece in pristine condition. All that is required is a little extra care.

The packing basics

When it comes to packing your art prints, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that each item packed as well as possible. This means getting some flat-pack cardboard boxes, acid-free glassine paper, brown paper/bubble wrap, newspaper/packing peanuts and packing tape. You will need telescopic boxes for paintings that are particularly large.

At Armstrong, your artwork will be packed in a proper mirror or artwork carton, and highly-valuable pieces are crated in a custom made wooden vault. This ensures your most prized possessions remain safe during your relocation.

How to pack your art prints

The first thing you need to do is wrap each painting with acid-free glassine paper. Next, use brown paper or bubble wrap to wrap each piece. Secure it with packing tape. Keep in mind that bubble wrap can retain heat and warp wood or cause paint to fall off. For this reason, avoid transport on a rainy or wet day to avoid this problem. Ensure that you pay attention to the corners of your prints because these have a tendency to get easily damaged during transport. Secure the edges with additional masking tape.

Ensure that there are three extra inches in your cardboard box. Once you have your prints in your box, stuff newspaper around the prints to ensure that they do not move. You could also use packing peanuts or popcorn (which can be fed to the birds afterward). Add an additional level of security to your cardboard box by wrapping it with packing tape. Write the word FRAGILE on each box.

For prints in glass frames

For prints with glass frames, it’s recommended that you put foam or felt in-between the glass and the canvas to protect it from dirt, as well as to provide extra protection from bumps along the way. Next, cover the frame with brown paper. Make an X shape with tape on the frame so that if it breaks during transport the glass will stay in place. Cover the glass with cardboard just large enough to cover the glass but not the painting. You could also use mat board or foam.

Armstrong Fine Art Services will ensure your art prints stay in great condition so you don’t have to worry about their security.

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